Unity ring carnelian


The Unity ring is set with two Carnelian stones in different hues.

No man is an island. Unity is strength. our work with Cambodian and Balinese artisans contributes to reviving traditional craftsmanship.

Ring diameter: 17mm.  Open-ended so very adjustable. Two stones 4mm and 7mm. Gold plated.

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Unity ring with Carnelian stones.

We believe in the power of beauty from ashes. By recycling exploded symbols of war into luxury jewellery collections we support landmine clearing, contribute to economic empowerment and revive ancient cultural craft traditions.

Through building synergies between maximising the use of discarded resources and employing those who are rebuilding their lives, we create luxury with unique value. Because true luxury is sustainable.

We are very proud of our jewellery, made from recycled war remnants, artillery shells and spent bullet casings. We designed them to tell their story of metamorphosis into symbols of friendship, peace and beauty.

Every cloud has a silver lining. A piece from our collection can serve as a symbol of strength, hope and freedom.

We strive to support in particular female bomb disposal officers.

Discover more about our work supporting women in landmine clearing here.

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