Juno Leaf ring


The Juno Leaf ring has a distinct shape that makes a unique statement. Handcrafted from Cambodian war time bullets in a social enterprise in Siem Reap. We combine recycling technologies with ancient cultural craft skills. At the same time we provide much needed jobs for young adults.

Ring size 17mm. Open ended behind the leaf, and slightly adjustable. Gold plated.


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The Juno Leaf ring. Shank size 17mm, open ended behind the leaf, and slightly adjustable. Gold plated.

We believe in the power of beauty from ashes. By recycling exploded war time ammunitions into luxury jewellery collections, we support landmine clearing and contribute to economic empowerment. While at the same time revive ancient cultural craft traditions.

We maximise the use of discarded resources and employ those who are rebuilding their lives.  We create luxury with unique value. Because true luxury is sustainable.

We designed our jewellery to tell their story of metamorphosis into symbols of friendship, peace and beauty. Every cloud has a silver lining. A piece from our collection can serve as a symbol of strength, hope and freedom.

We strive to support in particular female bomb disposal officers.

Discover more about our work supporting women in landmine clearing here.

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