About Emi & Eve

what we do

We believe in the power of beauty from ashes.  By recycling exploded symbols of war into luxury jewellery collections we support landmine clearing, contribute to economic empowerment and revive ancient cultural craft traditions.

sust lux

By utilizing discarded resources to showcase legendary craftmanship, and employing those in need, we create luxury with unique value. Because true luxury is sustainable.

missile with unity bracelets
Cassandra Postema with cmac team

Founder Cassandra Postema is a fashion and printed textiles graduate from London’s Central St. Martins’ College of Art and Design. She was awarded New Generation sponsorship by the British Fashion Council. Her search for meaningful design sent her on a trip to Cambodia to visit social enterprises. While there, she met a family who recycle landmines and artillery shells to make jewellery, and Emi & Eve was born.


Our story is intricately interwoven with various Cambodian and Balinese families whom we have got to know and love as our own. We also strive to support in particular female bomb disposal officers. In this documentary “The Landmine Girls” by Emma Fry we follow two young female landmine officers and discover why they choose this dangerous work.