The Mighty Tagua Nut

Tagua ring by Emi &Eve

The Mighty Tagua Nut

The Tagua nut is a seed that grows on a particular species of palm tree in South America, notably Ecuador, Bolivia and Peru.

The kernels are picked up from the ground after the ripe fruit has detached from the tree and forest animals have taken care of the outer shell. This means no harm is done to the rainforests in which they grow. After the nuts have been gathered, they are dried for up to 2 years during which they become hard. This way, tagua nut (or “vegetable ivory”) resembles the finest ivory but is slightly softer so it is easier to carve than elephant ivory. Sometimes subtle yellow or brownish hues come through the cream colour of the nut upon carving.

Besides being a sustainable alternative to elephant ivory, tagua stimulates local economies and provides an alternative to cutting down rainforests for farming.

We ship in our tagua nuts from South America and then collaborate with Balinese skilled craftsmen to carve them into floral designs.

Tagua nut jewelry is a perfect marriage of sustainable materials and legendary artisanship.

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