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We believe in the power of beauty from ashes

Give the priceless gift of hope this season.


By recycling exploded symbols of war into luxury jewellery collections we support landmine clearing, contribute to economic empowerment and revive ancient cultural craft traditions. Handmade by Cambodian and Balinese artisans, all of our jewellery collections are painstakingly designed and made by recycling found war time bullets.


model with jewellery and gift box

“This beautiful bracelet that was a scar of the war, a bullet, inspires me with a lot of positive thoughts from its transformation. Thank you for giving one more hope to my world. If anyone wants to share this positive energy please visit the website, there are more beautiful stories there.” 

Kanae Shiokawa

I just absolutely love my bracelets – all 3 of them. I purchased the square bangle, a round one, and a chain link bracelet, all with sapphires. I get so many compliments. I would like to purchase 2 bracelets for Jolie Chan, our celebrity guest who sang during the fashion show.”

Marcy Laront, American Women’s Association President, Hong Kong

“I love the back story of Emi & Eve. The handcrafted artisan jewellery is impact driven for the conscious fashionista. Inspired by the beauty of nature, the Tamarind earrings with pools of sparkling brilliance are the perfect accessory to dramatize an outfit and a great conversation starter.”

Lisa Kirkpatrick

Our Process


Our artisans in Cambodia recycle spent bullets from the Khmer Rouge war by melting them down into an ingot, which is then flattened through a mangle. Flat pieces are cut into shapes by hand sawing or a template cutting tool. To create a wire, narrow pieces are fed multiple times through a hole template until the desired thickness is achieved. In Bali the same methods are used for bullets found in Java. It’s a lengthy process which could be a lot shorter if the brass was bought as a sheet in a shop. We choose to do it this way though, to forge a powerful story of positive from negative transformation, adding true value.

Artisan Heang grew up in war-torn Cambodia. Why did he choose to get involved in recycling bullets and missile tubes, instead of leaving his memories alone?


“I want to show that it is possible to make something beautiful from these ugly things that were used to kill people.”

How it works


Don’t know what to give her? Need a last minute gift? Shops closed? Picky lady?
A gift voucher is perfect!
By clicking below, the page will direct you to our website’s gift voucher product page where you can select your value denomination. Once paid, the recipient will instantly get her credit emailed to her. Or you can choose to have her receive it on Christmas Eve, a wedding anniversary or her birthday. You will get a blank copy duplicate email for your reference.


Each card gets a bonus


And just because it’s been a crazy year, each $30 gift voucher gets a $5 bonus. So if you give $60 credit, the spend value will be $70.


She can pay it forward if she wants…


And finally, a gift card can also buy another gift card. Make the love go around…there’s no expiry date on these.